The purpose of band trips is educational, and each one is completely different. We try to take one trip a year for each group in the program. In most cases these are overnight trips, and can be as long as 5 days. Recent trips have included destinations such as Vancouver Island, Seattle, New York, Chicago, Toronto, Edmonton, and Disneyland (California).

Band trips are intended to be fun for the students, as well as educational. Every trip has some type of performance associated with it, and most often includes participation in a festival where students are adjudicated by internationally renowned professionals and given advice as to how to improve. Every student is encouraged to attend because the rewards of such an experience are countless. Trips are not mandatory. Students are eligible to attend if they are in good standing in the band program and their individual courses. This means that they show excellence in attendance, performance, preparation and attitude. Students not exhibiting these qualities may be asked to stay home.

In smaller ensembles like jazz band each student plays a different part, and so each student is essential to the overall sound and success of the group. If jazz band students are unable to attend a trip, festival or performance, the teacher must be notified far in advance so that a substitute can be found to cover the part. 

Payment for trips can be made by cheque or money order, and cheques should be made out to the New Westminster Music Auxiliary. All deposits are non-refundable. Trip information is generally distributed around early February. Please be aware of deposit and permission deadlines. Money will be refunded if the trip is cancelled.  


Donations can come in all shapes and sizes...

We are ACCEPTING donations of all kinds, whether it be cash or cheque, or used instruments of all sorts.

Our goals are:

  • to provide good quality instruments to students who need them;
  • to provide scholarships for our students’ future studies;
  • to make our band and choir trips affordable for everyone.

Gifts large and small are very much appreciated.  We currently do not need any pianos, although excellent, high quality pianos might be useful.

Make a gift in honour of your favourite student, teacher or in memory of a loved one – or simply because you love music and the opportunity for students to learn and perform. It’s a wonderful way to support the music program which means so much to our students, their families and our community.

Leave a legacy of harmony!

For more information on the many ways you can make a gift, email Miss Proznick ( or Mr. Clements (