Trip Rules

Trip rules are designed to make bands trips a fun and rewarding experience for everyone involved. All school rules apply during the duration of the trip. Possession of drugs and alcohol during a school-related trip will result in an automatic suspension from school and possibly further administrative action as well as no possibility of being awarded any scholarships or bursaries in their graduating year. Other consequences may include being sent home at the parent/guardian’s expense or 24-hour chaperone supervision for the remainder of the trip. Any student who violates a rule will be required to call their parents and inform them of the violation.



  1. During the trip, students' personal appearance and dress will reflect neatness and cleanliness at all times.
  2. Bring money for food. If breakfast is included in the hotel cost, it will be indicated on the itinerary. We suggest that students bring approximately $10 to $20 per meal as well as some spending money.
    Students are strongly encouraged to make healthy eating choices. A 3 or 4 day trip of nothing but junk food and fast food will result in feeling sick and fatigued, and it can make the trip less enjoyable.
  3. You will be expected to be punctual at all times and follow the trip itinerary. Your tardiness and inability to read a watch will hold up the group and may make the trip less enjoyable. 
  4. Rest is very important on a long trip, as is staying hydrated. Those who stay up late or choose to skip meals will pay the price the next day! 
  5. If the trip occurs during a time when the weather requires it, sunscreen should be worn with a minimum of SPF 15. Don't forget to apply often while swimming. It only takes a few minutes in the hot sun to receive a burn that lasts for days and it is NO FUN trying to wear a uniform over a burned back and neck! 
  6. Caution is advised with strangers and "newly acquired friends"! Do not tell others where you are staying or your room number. 


  1. Replacement or repair of uniforms and equipment furnished by the band will be the financial responsibility of the student at fault, if lost or damaged through neglect.
  2. Each student is responsible for his/her equipment. This includes luggage, instruments, and uniforms.



  1. Any damage that may occur in the hotel room will be the responsibility of ALL STUDENTS ASSIGNED TO THAT ROOM. All payments for damage must be made to the hotel management prior to departure. All damage shall be reported to the Band Director.
  2.  Rooms are relatively small and there are as many as four students to a room. Keep your rooms neat so things do not get lost. Set a schedule for the use of the bathroom. Without some "bathroom plan" problems result in the morning when we are preparing for breakfast or departure. 
  3. There are NO PHONE CALLS MADE AFTER LIGHTS OUT! This especially relates to room-to-room, UNLESS an emergency requires a call to your chaperone or the director. This rule INCLUDES the use of cell phone. 
  4.  Chaperones will check the rooms at check-in and check-out. This will assure that everything is in order and all towels and amenities are there and in working order. Taking souvenirs of our host hotel will result in the host hotel billing the band and the students in that room. Please do NOT create this problem. 
  5. No ordering pizza after 10:00 p.m. Any pizza that arrives after 10:30 p.m. will be considered a gift to the chaperones, without question. 


  1. Food may be taken on the bus, providing that all paper, placed in the proper receptacles immediately. Each individual is responsible for his/her seating area. Remember this is your "home away from home" for at least a good part of the trip.
  2. No horseplay, etc...on the bus. Do not sit on the armrests or wander around the bus. 
  3. Bus rides are generally quite long, so be considerate of others. Keep the noise level low! After 10:00 p.m. is quite time. The bus drivers have a job to do in getting us where we need to be safely. Make their job easy by being quiet and respectful. 


  1. Students will be assigned chaperones before we depart. Basically, the chaperones are along on the trip to ensure the safety and well being of the students. While on the trip, the chaperones are charged to act in the place of the parents or teachers. Students must report to their assigned chaperone.
  2. Chaperones have the right to make and enforce decisions for the welfare of the participants, in consultation with the band teachers.
  3. Defying a chaperone's directive will be considered the same as defying your parent or teacher and may result in being sent home at your parent’s expense.

Donate to NWSS Music!


Much of our ability to purchase new equipment and instruments, as well as maintain repairs, is realized through donations. We appreciate any support you may be able to offer the NWSS Music department and our students.

Donations can come in all shapes and sizes...

We are ACCEPTING donations of all kinds, whether it be cash or cheque, or used instruments of all sorts.

Our goals are:

  • to provide good quality instruments to students who need them;
  • to provide scholarships for our students’ future studies;
  • to make our band and choir trips affordable for everyone.

Gifts large and small are very much appreciated.  We currently do not need any pianos, although excellent, high quality pianos might be useful.

Make a gift in honour of your favourite student, teacher or in memory of a loved one – or simply because you love music and the opportunity for students to learn and perform. It’s a wonderful way to support the music program which means so much to our students, their families and our community.

Leave a legacy of harmony!

For more information on the many ways you can make a gift, email Miss Proznick ( or Mr. Clements (