Music Program Information

New Westminster Secondary is widely recognized for excellence in music performance giving students the opportunity to advance their musical skills.

The NWSS Music Program includes Concert Bands, Jazz Bands & Ensembles, Choir Classes, Strings, and Music Composition & Technology. It is a great community within NWSS and an opportunity to enhance relationships, foster leadership and provide inspiration.

Bands are organized by both grade and the style of instruments they use, which leads to the creation of various orchestras, choirs, and jazz groups and small ensembles.

There are two concerts each year which are presented to the general public at the Massey Theatre. A winter concert takes place in December and the appropriately names “June Revue" which is performed at the conclusion of the school year.

Students taking part in the musical programs at NWSS also gain the opportunity to travel the globe, attending various trips and competitions around the world.

School Equipment Rules

Here are some general rules about using school equipment that help to keep everything in good working order and to keep the sanity of those who spend alot of time in the band room. School equipment is used by many, and keeping it in good working order is essential to the success of the performing groups.
  1. If you don't play it in a music class, don't touch it!
    This is especially important for percussion instruments. Do not touch or play percussion unless you are a percussionist in one of our ensembles. This includes the drumsets! If you want to play the piano, drums or plug into an amplifier, please ask a teacher first.
  2. # If you notice that something isn't working, please let the teachers know. We don't play your instruments, so we don't know if something is broken. Its really important to maintain instruments, and things break or get worn down. We'll get it repaired or repaced for you!
  3. Remember that the band room is a rehearsal space, but it is also the work space for your teachers. Your teachers are often in the office making phone calls, planning trips and festivals, photocopying or discussing classes. Sometimes we just need quiet, so when asked to stop playing for a while please respect that request.
  4. If the office door is closed, DON'T KNOCK unless its an emergency. Between classes teachers are getting ready, and sometimes need to work uninteruppted. When the teacher emerges from the office, they are ready to answer questions and help out with whatever is needed. Just sit back, relax and wait.
  5. If you want to rehearse during non-class time, arrange it with a teacher. Always ask to play equipment before using it unless it is your instrument for one of our classes.
  6. Chairs must be stacked 5 high at the end of rehearsal.
  7. Stands must be placed on the stand racks at the end of rehearsal.
  8. All equipment must be returned to its proper home at the end of rehearsal, including percussion equipment, mallets and sticks and patch cords.

Donations can come in all shapes and sizes...

We are ACCEPTING donations of all kinds, whether it be cash or cheque, or used instruments of all sorts.

Our goals are:

  • to provide good quality instruments to students who need them;
  • to provide scholarships for our students’ future studies;
  • to make our band and choir trips affordable for everyone.

Gifts large and small are very much appreciated.  We currently do not need any pianos, although excellent, high quality pianos might be useful.

Make a gift in honour of your favourite student, teacher or in memory of a loved one – or simply because you love music and the opportunity for students to learn and perform. It’s a wonderful way to support the music program which means so much to our students, their families and our community.

Leave a legacy of harmony!

For more information on the many ways you can make a gift, email Miss Proznick ( or Mr. Clements (