Fundraising activities may be undertaken to help the student and parents defray some of the cost of trips, July band camp, and band activities. It also gives students a way to create strong and meaningful ties to our music community at NWSS and the greater community in New Westminster. We encourage band students and their families to come out and get involved!

Our motivation for fundraising goes beyond reducing the trip costs or buying instruments. We are dedicated offering these opportunities to students because fundraising teaches the value of money and the work ethic required to make money. The concept of fundraising has a much bigger picture than paying for trips. It’s about working for something, earning something and working with others for a common goal. Being able to pay for part of a trip is a bonus at the end AND gives the student greater respect for the "earned" trip.

Certain fundraisers in the year, such as the concerts or the Fan-Of-The-Bandathon, are for the benefit of the entire music program, and the money raised goes towards purchasing new equipment and instruments. Past purchases have included acoustic basses ($2500), tubas ($4000), baritone saxophones ($3500), drumsets ($2000), cymbals ($500), and more.

Other fundraisers, such as the selling of Entertainment Books, car washes and bake sales, are designed to give students to opportunity to raise money to reduce the cost of their individual trip costs. 


Donations can come in all shapes and sizes...

We are ACCEPTING donations of all kinds, whether it be cash or cheque, or used instruments of all sorts.

Our goals are:

  • to provide good quality instruments to students who need them;
  • to provide scholarships for our students’ future studies;
  • to make our band and choir trips affordable for everyone.

Gifts large and small are very much appreciated.  We currently do not need any pianos, although excellent, high quality pianos might be useful.

Make a gift in honour of your favourite student, teacher or in memory of a loved one – or simply because you love music and the opportunity for students to learn and perform. It’s a wonderful way to support the music program which means so much to our students, their families and our community.

Leave a legacy of harmony!

For more information on the many ways you can make a gift, email Miss Proznick ( or Mr. Clements (